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We come to light in 2008

Our Registration No is S-10086

Our Commitment

Mission +

Our Mission

We are improving our Teacher's method of teaching and Digital Classroom.

Vision +

Our Vision

2020 is the targeted year for achieving the First rank in Bangladesh.

Strategy +

Our Strategy

Our best Teachers and different method of study technical makes us famous.

Our Speciality

What Make Us Different
Statistics of    2018

Last Four Years Passing History

We create our reputation because of our achievements. Please have a look the result of last four years.

O & A level 2014 Pass Rate
O & A level 2015 Pass Rate
O & A level 2016 Pass Rate
O & A level 2017 Pass Rate

  8 Unknown facts about North South Int’l School & College

  • If any student gets admission on July’18 in Pre-Play class (First step towards student’s life) then the student can complete
              his/her Pre-Play session/class within 6 months and can get promoted to play session/class.
  • In a situation the student will complete the Play session within 6 months & will get promoted to Nursery class (Save 6 months).
  • In this school there is only one KG class/session (save 1 year).
  • The students of this school do not to take any private tuitor or extra coaching. Teaching in class is enough for the student.
  • Every students will get certificates after completion of ‘O/A’ level. From British Council.
  • If your child is not responsive, North South Int’l School & College’s teachers will make your child responsive with their special
  • We are making better future speakers & leaders for Bangladesh.
  • Foreign transfer with promoted and scholarship (in same class) is very easy from North South Int’l School & College.

Zarif Mohammad

NSISC (VI) - Ethel Milliken School (VII) Canada.

Srabonti Simmi

NSISC (III) - (IV) Switzerland.

Rayaan Mahmood

NSISC (KG) - (I) Australia.

From my childhood I had a dream to do something for the people of my country, so that they would remember me after my death. I believed that education is .....     Read more


The school is a place where children are encouraged to say “I see it”, “I get it” , “I can do it”. Our philosophy of education has always been meeting the needs of the individual .....     Read more

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